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Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) was constituted as an ad-hoc body in 1972 and become statutory body in 1974 vide the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act 1971. It was established under the sub-section 1 of the section 9 –A (2) of the Act and consisting of the following members:


1 Hon'ble Minister for Housing and Urban Development Chairman
2 Vice- Chairman, CMDA Vice Chairman
3 Member-Secretary, CMDA Member
4 Secretary to Government H&UD Member
5 Secretary to Government, Finance Dept. Member
6 Secretary to Government, Industries Dept. Member
7 Secretary to Government, Transport Dept. Member
8 Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai Member
9 Managing Director CMWSS Board Member
10 Director , Town & Country Planning Member
11 Chief Urban Planner , CMDA Member
12 Chief Engineer, Highways & Rural Works Department Member
13 Chief Architect to Government Member
14 Joint Director, Town & Country Planning Member
15 Chairman, Tamil nadu Housing Board Member
16 Chairman Tamil nadu Slum Clearance Board Member
17 Member of the State Legislative Assembly 2 Members
18 Representatives of Local Bodies in CMA 4 Members
19 Member-Secretary Tamil nadu Pollution Control Board Special Invitee


The functions of the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority are:
  • To carry out a survey of the Chennai Metropolitan planning area and prepare reports on the surveys so carried out.
  • To prepare a Master Plan or Detailed Development Plan or New Town development Plan as the case may be for the Chennai Metropolitan planning Area.
  • To prepare an existing land use map and such other maps as may be necessary for the purpose of preparing any development plan.
  • To cause to be carried out such works as are contemplated in any development plan.
  • To designate the whole of Chennai Metropolitan planning area or any part thereof within its jurisdiction as a new town and to perform the following function viz.
    • Sa. To prepare a New Town development plan for the area concerned , and
    • To secure the laying out and development of the new town in accordance with the New Town development plan.
  • To perform such other functions as may be entrusted to it by the Government.
    • The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority may by order, entrust to any local authority or other Authority as may be specified in such order, the work of execution any development plan prepared by it.
    • The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority may by order, authorize any local authority or other authority as may be specified in such order, to exercise any of the power vested in by or under the Town and Country Planning Act -1971 and may in like manner withdraw such authority and the exercise of any power delegated in this behalf shall be subject to such restrictions and conditions as may be specified in such order


The vision of Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is to provide people friendly administration in the process of ensuring better quality of life in Chennai Metropolitan Area through environmentally sustainable, economically progressive, technologically innovative management policies and programs.
Name Designation Contact Number
Thiru O.Panneerselvam
Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister
Chairman 28414402 (D)
28414855 - ext.234
Thiru S.Krishnan I.A.S
Principal Secretary to Government,
Housing & Urban Development Department
Vice-Chairman i/c 28528008 (D)
28414855 - Ext.200
Thiru Rajesh Lakhoni I.A.S Member-Secretary 28414355 (D)
28414855 - Ext.210
Fax : 28548416
Dr. M.Mathivanan I.A.S Chief Executive Officer 28415618 (D)
28414855 - Ext.400
Fax : 28518153
If you have any grievances please write to mscmda@tn.gov.in

If you have already written to the above address and still your grievance not been addressed, please write to vccmda@tn.gov.in

For any specific information about Corruption and Malpractices in any of the dealings in this Organization, Public are requested to contact the Chief Vigilance Officer at his official E-mail id ceocmda@tn.gov.in

Postal Address

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority,
'Thalamuthu-Natarajan Maaligai',
No.1, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore,
Chennai – 600 008.
Phone : 28414855
Fax : 28548416
Name Designation Contact Number Description
Tmt. N. Usha Chief Planner 28414855 - Ext.405 Area Development Unit
New Towns
  • MM Nagar
  • Manali
Special Projects
  • KWMC Perishable
  • Food Grain Market
  • Kadambur
  • I&SM at Sathangadu
  • Bus Terminus at MBTT Complex
  • Bus Terminus at Vandalur
  • Truck Terminal Project at Karunakaracheri
  • Truck Terminal Project at Annambedu
  • Tower I and II
Thiru P. Selvadurai Chief Planner 28414855 - Ext.570 Road and Rail Division
Thiru N. Kanagasabapathy Chief Planner 28414855 - Ext.300 Regularisation Unit
  • Regularisation Unit
  • Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA)
Thiru. C.S. Murugan Chief Planner 28418659 (D)
28414855 - Ext.220
Master Plan Unit
  • Master Plan
  • DDP (Detailed Development Plan)
  • GIS (Geographical Information System)
  • HCC (Heritage Conservation Committee)
  • Environment
  • Coastal Regulation Zone Management Plan
  • Computer Cell
Name Designation Contact Number Description
Thiru. N.S. Periasamy Senior Planner 28414855 - Ext.405 Area Development Unit
  • 'A' Channel (Special Sanction)
  • 'B' Channel
  • CCC
  • Industries and Institutions
Thiru. A. Krishnakumar Senior Planner 28414855 - Ext.590
  • Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Phase-II & Phase-II Extension Projects
  • Sub urban guage conversion project
  • Outer Ring Road project
  • Development of Air Space Over Velachery MRTS Station (2013-14)
Thiru. S. Rudiramurthy Senior Planner 28414855 - Ext.222 Regularisation Unit
  • Metro Rail Project (Including Chennai Mobility Plan)
  • Second Master plan - Follow up
  • Study on preparation of DPR for the construction of Two Pedestrian Sub-ways at Alandur and Arunbakkam
  • Feasibility Report for forming an elevated road on NH45 from Trisoolam to Chengalpet (2014-15)
  • Financial Assistance from CMDA funds for development of central Square (2015-16) and Kathipara & Shenoy Nagar
  • Four studies being taken up based on the announcement in 2017-18
  • Review Team & Appeal
  • Local body Assistance Programme
  • Community Based Environment Development
  • Regularisation Layout
Thiru. A. Balasubramaniyan Senior Planner 28414855 - Ext.444 Area Plans Unit
  • Multi-storied Building Including I.T
  • Layout
  • Reclassification
  • Transfer of Development Rights
Thiru. N. Ravikumar Senior Planner 28414855 - Ext.370 Enforcement Cell
Senior Planner 28414855 - Ext.585 New Town
  • MM Nagar
  • Manali
Special Projects
  • KWMC Perishable
  • Food Grain Market
  • Kadambur
  • I&SM at Sathangadu
  • Bus Terminus at MBTT Complex
  • Bus Terminus at Vandalur
  • Truck Terminal Project at Karunakaracheri
  • Truck Terminal Project at Annambedu
  • Tower I and II
Name Designation Contact Number Description
Thiru. C. Prem Anand Surendran Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.429 Legal Cell
Thiru. R. Magudapathy Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.490 Area Plans Unit - 'B' Channel (South)
Tmt. S. Kanchanamala Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.230
28414855 - Ext.
Area Plans Unit - Reclassification
Master Plan Unit - Detailed Development Plan
Thiru V. Kumar Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.
28414855 - Ext.
Master Plan Unit - Detailed Development Plan, Computerization work and e-Governance
Tmt. R. Meena Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.470 Area Plans Unit - B Channel(North), Counseling and Consultancy Counter, A Channel (Special Sanction)
Thiru. D. Sabapathy Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.455
28414855 - Ext.567
28414855 - Ext.535
Road Transport Division
Metro Rail
Thiru. P. Gajendran Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.480 Area Plans Unit - MSB (South)
Thiru. S. Panneerselvam Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.322
28414855 - Ext.375
Enforcement Cell - (North - I)
Enforcement Cell - (North - II)
Thiru. M. Shanmugam Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.390
28414855 - Ext.
Area Plans Unit - MSB (North) - IT
Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)
Tmt. R. Anusuya Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.484 Area Plans Unit - Layout
Tmt. S. Shantha Sudha Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.380 Regularisation Layout Division-II
Thiru. K.S. Rajendiran Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.333 Regularisation - Reg. I , Reg Industries & Institutions
Tmt. H. Vijila Jasmine Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.345
28414855 - Ext.349
Enforcement Cell - (Central - I)
Enforcement Cell - (Central - II)
Tmt. G . Vijayalakshmi Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.470
28414855 - Ext.365
Enforcement Cell (South - I)
Enforcement Cell - (South - II)
Tmt. N. Alamelu Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.465 Area Plans Unit - B Channel (Central, RTI)
Tmt. R.K. Vedhavathi Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.315 Reg - Special Buildings, Regularisation - MSB
Tmt. J.Sharmila Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.430 Area Development Unit - New Town, Special Projects
Thiru. N.K.Ramesh Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.334 Area Plans Unit - Review Team & Appeal
Tmt. V.Sharmilee Deputy Planner 28414855 - Ext.303
28414855 - Ext.381
Area Plans Unit - Industries
Regularisation Layout Division-I
Name Designation Contact Number Description
Thiru T. Muthuraman Deputy Financial Analyst 28414855 - Ext.580 All finance and Accounts pertains to CMDA
Thiru V. Kasthuri Senior Accounts Officer
Chief Accounts Officer i/c
28414855 - Ext.360
28414855 - Ext.510
Accounts Main Office
Finance Division
Thiru N. Soundarajan Senior Accounts Officer i/c 28414855 - Ext.513 Area Development Unit
Thiru P. Baalakirushnan Accounts Officer (Works) i/c 28414855 - Ext.530 Construction Wing - Accounts
Name Designation Contact Number Description
Thiru N. Srinivasa Rao Superintending Engineer - I 28419883 (D)
28414855 - Ext.500
  • All projects & maintenance works now dealt in Construction Wing Division-I.
  • Electrical Works relating to civil works dealt in Division-I.
  • Estate Officer of Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT)
  • Executive Engineer (i/c) of Division-I
Thiru S. Shanmughavadivelu Superintending Engineer - II 28414855 - Ext.555
  • All projects & maintenance works now dealt in Construction Wing Division-II.
  • Electrical Works relating to civil works in Division-II.
  • Estate Officer of Chennai Contract Carriage Bus Terminus (CCCBT).
  • Administrative Control over Personnel Management (PM) Division in Construction Wing.
  • The execution work in respect of I&SM, Sathangadu.
Thiru B. Raja Mahesh Kumar Executive Engineer (Division - II, Construction Wing) 28414855 - Ext.547
  • Maintenance of MBTT, KWMC, I&SM, CCCBT, Manali New Town.
  • Works related to Manjambakkam and Maraimalai Nagar.
  • Issue of Compliance Certificate on stability, taking over of OSR sites, OSD of Tower-II.
Thiru A. Balamurugan Executive Engineer (Division - III, Construction Wing) 28414855 - Ext.545
  • All electrical works of Construction Wing of Division-I, Division-II and Division-III except BMC Tower-II.
Thiru S. Johuel Executive Engineer (Division - I, Construction Wing) 28414855 - Ext.577
  • Maintenance of CMBT
  • Supervision of Food Grain Market Godown and Commercial Complex at Food Grain Market
  • Construction of Inter City Bus Terminus at Madhavaram
  • Construction of New Mofussil Bus Terminus at Kilambakkam
Name Designation Contact Number Description
Thiru. R. Srinivasan Senior Law Officer 28584855 (D)
28414855 - Ext.425
All legal matters pertaining to CMDA
Tmt S. Vasanthi Administrative Officer i/c
Senior Estate Officer
Senior Estate Officer i/c
28414855 - Ext.350
28414855 - Ext.420
28414855 - Ext.414
All establishment matters of Administration Division
KWMC & Sathangadu I&SM Madhavaram Truck Terminal, Manjambakkam Truck Parking yard
Estate Management of MM Nagar and Manali
Thiru B. Balasubramanian District Revenue Officer / Chief
Administrative Officer i/c
24791133 (D) Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex,
Market Management Committee (MMC)
Tmt. C. Jyothi District Revenue Officer
District Revenue Officer i/c
28419883 (D) 28414855 - Ext.570
24799968 (D)
Thiru S. Yesudas Personnel Manager
Grievance Officer i/c
Public Relations Officer i/c
28414855 - Ext.335
28414855 - Ext.355
28414855 - Ext.504
Bills, Pension Main office. Reg Unit.(Addl.)
Grievance/complaint petitions
Representation under RTI Act
Public Relations
Thiru P. Ramalingam Personnel Manager 28414855 - Ext.441 Area Development Unit, Construction Wing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why online planning permission Application?

    Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority has developed online Planning permission application process to transform the paper based system to electronic system.
    Advantages of the Portal are:

  • Anywhere and anytime access by the stakeholders.
  • Increased transparency and efficiency in Government Departments.
  • Reduces time.

2. Advantages of filling Application Online?

    Online application being a green initiative has the following advantages

  • Saves Time: Multiple applications can be submitted logically by an Applicant / Architect to the departments for Approvals.
  • Notification: For every stage of application processing an email and SMS notification will be sent instantaneously to the Applicant / Architect.
  • Status: Status of the applications submitted can be monitored online. Secure and convenient payment: Credit card/debit card/ net banking options has been provided for the investors to make payment process more secure and hassle free.

3. Secure Password should be as like?

    Following are the things to be taken care of while changing the password

  • There must be minimum of six characters./li>
  • At least one capital letter should be there.
  • One digit (0 to 9) should be there.
  • There should be a special character (, “ * ~ @).

4. What is the procedure to obtain Planning permission from CMDA?

  • For obtaining planning permission we need to apply online with all document and proposed project PreDCR drawing.
  • Need to allocate architect to get building permission from CMDA architect.
  • After assigning architect need to apply online through his login console where he fill all required details to get Building permission.
  • After attaching essential document and drawing with scrutiny fees the application will be submit to CMDA.
  • After Paying the Scrutiny fees , click the button ‘send to CMDA ‘.
  • Submitted File/Application inward in define authority where actual site allocated
  • Concern officer do their Site Visit , scrutinized the proposal documents.
  • And get approval on the same from higher authority.

5. What are the modes of payment available?

    Choose any of the below given options to make the payment in the portal. Instant.

  • Credit Card.
  • Credit Card.
  • Debit Card.
  • Net Banking.

6. What are the documents need to upload in Planning Permission Application?

    Mandatory Documents while applying for Planning permission:

  • FMB
  • Legal opinion
  • Combined FMB
  • Patta/ TSLR /PLR
  • Abutting Road sketch
    For Additional, Alteration and Revision Case, Earlier Approved Details need to be uploaded.

7. Should I upload all documents once?

    ‘Save’ option has been provided in the portal to save the document and data . The Architect can upload/change the documents multiple times before submitting before preceding the Payment.

8. How do I make a payment in Online Portal?

    Below specified are the options which has to be followed by the Architect are Applicant.
    For Architect,Logon to online application, once the file submitted to payment Pending, Architect can choose the mode of Payment. (Credit card / Debit card, Net Banking) and proceed the Payment process.
    For Applicant, In the Home Page itself, we have facility to pay the fees in Online. From there we can enter the Chalan number / File number to proceed the Payment.

9. What is the validity period for Planning Permission?

    Building Permission granted by CMDA is valid for five year. However it can be renewed for three more years thereafter a new permission is required if building is not constructed by this time.

10. How to send Drawing file for scrutiny process?

    In Architect login, under drawing tab they should attach the PreDcr format drawing. After that, they should click Send Pre-check for Scrutiny Process.

11. How to Track the file Status?

    In Submitted application, under Proposal Flow you can see the status of file for which officer the file was sent.

12. From where to get the Planning permission Acknowledgement?

    In Submitted application, select the file to view the acknowledgment from the report section.

13. How to view the Development Charge, Approval, Return, and Refusal Letter in Applicant / architect console?

    In Submitted application, select the file to view the acknowledgment from the report section.

  • For DC letter – Click on the Approved Application, select the file number to view the DC letter from the report section.
  • For Final letter – Click on the Permit issued Tab, select the file number to view the Final letter from the report section.
  • For Return letter – Click on the Return Tab, select the file number to view the Return letter from the report section.
  • For Refusal letter – Click on the Refused/ Rejected Tab, select the file number to view the Return letter from the report section.

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